dan and em

We are Dan + Emily, we love adventure, fishing, cooking, eating oysters while drinking champagne + lots of stuff!  We have been having adventures together for 8 years, love long walks at sunset on the beach- well…. Emily does while Dan is beach fishing hehe.  We have been dreaming about this adventure around Australia for many years and now it has finally arrived!  We love the outdoors, camping + we are going to be doing it for a year!


snapper and dan

Dan’s number 2 love is fishing, number 1 is obviously Emily (sometimes debatable).  He is a fishing marine scientist & has was one of the Dan’s in the ‘2 Dan’s Fishing’ DVD series.  He has had experience in writing articles for magazines, radio presenting, dvd production, and is currently the MAKO sunglasses brand ambassador.

Interests: fishing, camping, boating, cooking for friends + family, writing, photography.



Emily is a landscape architect who has been involved in residential garden, commercial & institutional landscape, public domain park + playground design in Sydney. In February 2013 she embarked on a trip to India for 3 months where she completed her Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh and her Ayurvedic Massage Therapist course.

Interests: Australian landscape & environment, environmental sustainability + living sustainably, Australian flora, indigenous culture & spirituality, growing veggies, sustainable farming (organic, permaculture, biodynamic), cooking, travel, bushwalking/trekking, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, design, art + craft.


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