Beginning the adventure: Crowdy Head National Park

We have been quite for the last few weeks….had a few setbacks with our car so we spent the last couple of weeks at Noraville at Dan’s family’s holiday house on the Cental Coast waiting for the mechanic to solve the problem before we hit the road.

We left Noraville with the car full to the brim and with the plan to check out Crowdy Head National Park- 3.5hrs up the coast from Noraville. We drove through horribily bushfire affected areas, through Catherine Hill Bay which is lucky to be still standing. Thank god the pub is still there- it is a wonderfully charismatic place. A sign was erected at the front saying ‘Thank god for the RFS, RFS are our saviours!’

bushfire on approach

We continued on the Pacific Hwy with Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Beth Orton and Joan Armitrading pumping while we took the turn off at Harrington to Crowdy Head. Dan pulled over to pick up some local oysters and then we continued along the dirt road towards Diamond Head for 15kms driving through more brushfire affected area in the Crowdy Head National Park. We came across a lovely camp site ‘Indian Head’.

We quickly set up camp so we could go explore the beach. A beautiful 10 minute bushwalk away we had a quick swim and then headed back to camp to prepare our first dinner of delicious cheeses with truffled honey, freshly shucked oysters matched with a beautiful 2007 hunter semillon, followed by teriyaki chicken with steamed greens and soba noodles- which went perfectly with the hot night and lightly smoked air from bushfires.


Semillon & oysters

Semillon & oysters

We woke up at first light and went for a walk on the breath taking headland. The landscapes and environments were incredibly diverse. One minute in dense woodland, then heathland,then wetland, then rainforest. The coastal heath was beautiful. Masses of flannel flowers, everlasting daisies and the honey smell of the grevilleas was intoxicating. Large blue and black butterflies were flying from one Xanthorrea (grass tree) flower spikes to another. The coastline rocks were rugged forms and close to shore we watched dolphins playing, simultaneously further out whales migrated to the south.

diamond head coat walk

bushwalking in the heath

flannel flowers

flannel flowers

blue & black butterfliesold man banksiacoral pouch fern

While writing, Dan is getting ready for an afternoon fishing session, there are a couple of fluffy visitors keeping us company grazing on the sun bathed grass. I can here the faint jam session of fellow happy campers on their guitar and harmonica carried by the soft nor’east breeze and a chorus of wattle birds, honey eaters and finches in the surrounding melaleuca paperbark woodland. This is a beautiful area of the NSW coastline, we may stay a few more days, before heading past Coffs Harbour.



3 responses to “Beginning the adventure: Crowdy Head National Park

  1. Bliss! Going thro’ stressful family situation right now and this is a most welcome break, thank you..

    XX Buzz (Emily’s Mum’s English friend – visited you in ’08 at Balmoral Beach with my friend Jo)

  2. Hi Emi and Dan,

    Enjoyed your write up and photographs.

    Thank goodness for the Rural Fire Service (RFS)

    Look forward to your next report.

    Much love,


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